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Who are we?

Instant Inspector is a team of licensed, professional Food Safety Specialists ready and eager to work with your company. With Instant Inspector, your company will receive an elevated level of service and knowledge to not only meet, but exceed the latest in food safety regulations. As a restaurateur or food retailer, your company’s product will reflect passion, ambition, and the highest quality standard.


Food Safety Audits

Are you a local municipality looking for a company to manage your retail food inspections? Elevate your local food establishments by teaming up with Instant Inspector to regulate retail food establishments by using an educational approach. Our Inspectors are state licensed professionals who are passionate about food safety. Pool and Spa safety audits available upon request.

Food Handler Certification

Instant Inspector has simplified the state food handler certification requirement. Set up a company profile to certify team members and keep organized food handler certifications online.

Onsite Training

Knowledgeable employees mean fewer violations on health inspection reports and ensure food safety for your customers. With an Instant Inspector, employees will be trained in real time on proper food handling practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Don’t allow repeat violations to negatively affect your health inspection report. Instant Inspectors are professionally licensed, private health inspectors that can interpret your previous health inspection report and provide education on how to correct the violation.

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